Light in life lends its helping hand to the Madagascar Mangarivotra School

Three new classrooms await to welcome the children from the Mangarivothra village of Madagascar this new year. This gives the 72 students of the Vincent de Paul School at Mangarivotra many reasons to rejoice.  Supported by four teachers, the school runs classes from kindergarten to the fourth grade and aspires to open the fifth grade in the next academic year. This had made the need for new classrooms inevitable given the fact that the current school was being run in temporary shelters and poor conditions. Through the personal intervention of Rev. Mar George Puthiakulangara, Bishop of Portberg, Madagascar,   Light in Life, a charitable organisation based in Switzerland was able to provide the support needed to build three classrooms for this school and extend the required financial aid (CHF 16,000) towards this noble cause.

Madagascar, an island, that caught worldwide fame with the animation movie released in 2005, always had an extraordinary cultural and wildlife richness. However, in the last 15 years, severe environmental degradation and ecological crisis has been witnessed in this dream island, largely attributed to climate changes. Due to scarcity of basic amenities like drinking water, many areas lack infrastructure, school buildings or any other basic facilities for education.


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