2014: Education as Future Opportunity

Financial support for education

In 2014, LIGHT in LIFE was able to support the tribal children in Marayoor, Idukki, Kerala, with CHF 5’212.


The indigenous people of the Indian subcontinent (Adivasi) are among the most disadvantaged groups in India. Their share of the total population is 8%. They belong to many different tribes. Traditionally, they live mainly in the mountain forests, feeding on forest products and the yields of their small fields. Their livelihood is increasingly threatened, e.g. through massive deforestation and the encroachment of the non-Adivasi. They have no education facilities and their future is in darkness. Poverty does not give many people in India a chance to find a way out. Very often, the children are the victims. Their parents can barely feed them or provide them with education. The Child Relief project of LIGHT in LIFE gives hope to affected children and families.

In this year, LIGHT in LIFE helped the children of the Adivasi school, Girijyothi – L. P. School, Koodackattukudy, Marayoor, Idukki, Kerala.

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