Why Us

God’s most beautiful creation – HUMANS, with the ability to live, love, grow and give. But to be a human is the biggest challenge – to look beyond the good that surrounds us, to see the sad and the bad, to open our eyes to the needy and the deprived.

A good percent of the world’s population lives below the poverty line and they are denied the basics – food, clothing, shelter and education. Most people are able to recognise this, but they ignore. Empathy is the ability to be useful creatures on this planet. Realising that people’s participation can change many human lives for the better led to LIGHT in LIFE. All humans are entitled to their fundamental needs and this is what we want to give them. LIGHT in LIFE works to reach out to the most deprived, to give them better standards of life with homes, education, food and clothing, thus instilling in them more confidence to lead better lives.

It is the policy and fundamental principle of our organisation that the donated money to our projects reaches fully and completely the end recipient, without any deductions whatsoever for any administrative expenses.